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“Strong and mighty Eld, please lend us Your aid in the oncoming battle. Fuel us with the power to crush our enemies. Let us fight in Your name to strike fear in their hearts and those of their wives and children!”
- Prayer to Eld

Eld is the Dwarven god of savagery and war. He takes joy in the slaughtering of foes and favors brute strength over everything. Be it a simple squabble or a full-scale war, Eld is always on the side that appears the most brutish in his eyes. Especially against Orcs and Goblins does his savagery know no end, as they are the races that he truly dispises.

He is often at odds with his twin brother Dir, who prefers to fight for righteousness and is his exact opposite.

Eld’s Symbol is a black blood-bathed battleaxe. This symbolises the fuel of war, as the axe has tasted blood time and time again.

Player Content

Chaotic Evil
Suggested Domains:
War, Death


Tales of Aellah SerBlobsy